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Tendence Trends 2018/2019

Jul 4, 2018

Individual, sustainable and creative are all words that sum up the trends at Tendence 2018. This launch into the second half of the year has clearly shown that there is no longer one single trend. The fashion is for whatever pleases – and that offers a great deal of scope for creativity, experimentation and humour.

More is more – there is a trend for opulence, as in the new collection from Hoff Interieur .
More is more – there is a trend for opulence, as in the new collection from Hoff Interieur .

This development finds expression in, for example, the very latest ethno style, which mixes inspiration from the most diverse cultures to create something completely new. As well as typical traditional patterns and motifs, we find that craft skills and the beauty of the imperfect have gained in prominence, as have the origins and history of products, designs and makers. And there are new influences to mix in with the blend of cultures, including the jewellery and decorative items of native American and Australian peoples. Alongside this, there is a place for a very decorative opulence, where powerful colours and plenty of glitz and glamour strike a contemporary note. The density of this style is, again and again, shot through with finely drawn, often humorous details. So, you might find, say, a pig with wings and wearing a top hat or a flying helmet peeping out from between crystal glasses at a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Gold accents mix with shades of blue and violet - from AM Design at Tendence 2018
Gold accents mix with shades of blue and violet - from AM Design at Tendence 2018

Nature and sea

But the natural, Scandinavian look continues to be a significant feature. The latest ‘lagom’ lifestyle trend comes originally from Sweden. This is all about finding the right balance in life, doing things in moderation, not too much, not too little. This is clearly helped by calm surroundings, creating a feeling of well-being with lots of wood, concrete, stone, basketwork and, of course, textiles such as linen and wool. Nor can we escape the multi-faceted sea-side trend, which can find a wide variety of expressions, ranging from echoes of summer on the beach to a classic captain style.

Harmonious colourways

The many – nowadays very diverse – design elements are bound together with coordinated, harmonious colourways. In each case, a strong base colour is developed into a variety of shades from light to dark. The colourways to watch for the autumn and winter seasons 2018 / 2019 are Bordeaux, petrol and curry, as well as the colour of the year – ultra-violet, which is now developing its impact to the full. Looking towards the spring, we can expect, above all, fresh rosé and mint tones, as well as a bright mustard. Shades of blue, denim and indigo continue to be very much in vogue.

Indispensable: shiny surfaces and fluffy stuff

Gold, brass and silver are never far away, when it comes to creating accents across all trends and styles. Surfaces range from highly polished to traditionally patterned, engraved or perforated and include all sorts of patina effects. As for the materials used, tactile experiences have become an absolute must. Surfaces are finely polished or are appealingly and interestingly textured. Fine velvets, cosy artificial pelts, fluffy blankets and soft feathers abound to flatter the senses.

Stylish camp fires

Be it the terrace or the conservatory – what began as a summer living room has developed into a place of well-being for the entire year. To keep these areas warm, even at colder times of the year, there are fireplaces and stylish heaters in brass, with a design reminiscent of the film lights of the 1920s. Multi-functional lighting serves to create a relaxed, contemporary ambience, with luminaires that not only change colour, but also serve as bluetooth loudspeakers and champagne coolers. A particularly eye-catching exhibit is a wicker beach chair that has been adapted as a rubbish bin.

Peace and quiet is always nice – as exhibitors Chic.mic demonstrate with a family of sloths.
Peace and quiet is always nice – as exhibitors Chic.mic demonstrate with a family of sloths.

And a host of birds of all kinds ...

You can’t have trends without animals! This time the llama heads the field, closely followed by the giraffe, zebra, panda and the sloth. Not forgetting an entire host of exotic birds, including flamingos, parrots and macaws, as well as some fantastical new creations. And insects, too, are carving out a place for themselves, including butterflies, flies, beetles and spiders. When it comes to the seaside trend, we are seeing increasing numbers of jelly-fish, prawns, crabs and corals.

Celebrations in black and white

During Advent, stars, candles, baubles, decorations, angels, santas, various forest animals together with llamas, giraffes and zebras spread the Christmas spirit. As far as colours are concerned, the colour trends range from ultra-violet, Bordeaux / rosé and petrol / mint to extremely warm yellows and golds. Those who still want to celebrate with traditional red, do so by combining it with light wood. At Easter, things get brighter and fresher again with lighter shades of rosé and mint. What links fashion-conscious santas and Easter bunnies is their striking outfits in casually implemented black and white.

Gifts with good taste and a clear conscience

Tendence offered a cornucopia of ideas for this particular aspiration. Accordingly, the simplest of designer objects in wood take care of some of the little, everyday things in life – from the humble toothbrush to the household’s innumerable keys. Moreover, these no longer need to rattle about, thanks to the ‘Keykeeper’, which organises keys rather like a pocket knife. Families with little children will be delighted with the outdoor play mat, which can be turned into bag at a single stroke. A small opening ensures that water and sand can escape easily. An excellent gift idea, particularly for junior dog owners, is the ‘Ball Launcher’: a gun that shoots tennis balls right across the dog’s exercise area. Once again, gourmet gifts often come in jars and bottles, including chocolate fondue, wine cup with basil and apple gin.

Richly bejewelled

When it comes to jewellery, we can risk a little more next season. That applies both to the real thing and to costume jewellery. Those, who can afford it, will be reaching for diamond-studded charms with matching bracelet. Others, who like to change their style every so often, will perhaps be courageously wearing a statement necklace with an Indian ethno look. As for handbags, there are, as well as issues of fashion, functional considerations to take into account, cleverly incorporated with a mix of colours and patterns. Other designs click onto one’s bicycle. Clutch bags made from fine wood veneer appear simple and at the same time special in their impact.

The next Tendence will be held from 29 June to 1 July 2019.

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